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ChatGPT – an AI-powered conversational chatbot- got the attention of everyone because people found it useful in simplifying several tasks. That is what AI tools are designed to do. But you might be missing out on other powerful free AI tools. Here are free AI tools you can integrate into your workflow today and achieve better and faster results.

1. Github Copilot

Github Co-Pilot

This is a great free AI tool for programmers and developers. It is a Cloud-based AI tool that helps you complete your code or write your entire function when you give it a prompt in the comments. It offers you auto-complete options based on the comments and the context of the file you are editing. Github Copilot was developed by GitHub and OpenAI (the same company that released ChatGPT), unlike ChatGPT however, it does not offer conversational dialogue.

Unfortunately, it is only free for a trial period of 60 days unless you are a verified student, teacher, or maintainer of popular open-source projects. Otherwise, it comes with a fee of $10/month or $100 a year. You could sign up for a trial at

2. Midjourney

Image Generatedby Midjourney

Midjourney is an AI tool that helps you create awesome images from text inputs. You only have to imagine an image and put it into text format, the Midjourney AI converts it into the image. You will have several options, sizes, and definitions to choose from. The easiest way to access it is through Discord and you need to join the mid-journey Discord server. You could generate 25 free images for free every month. You will need to pay for a subscription if you need more images.

Midjourney is similar to OpenAI’s DALL-E image generator. It is an independent lab that uses open-source materials and its own materials to create beautiful art. You can sign up for a free version of the AI tool at

3. ExcelformulaBot

Excelformulabot is an AI tool that helps you convert text instructions into an Excel formula for free. You basically have to type in your text describing what you want to achieve, the ExcelformulaBot converts it into an Excel formula for you. It helps you work faster and smarter with Excel and Google Sheets. You can use it to solve Google Sheets and Excel problems in an instant. Sign up for the tool at

4. Synthesia

Synthesia is an AI tool that you can use to generate video with AI avatars and voices from text input. You do not need a camera or microphone – simply input a text and it generates a video reading the text input. It is an excellent tool to create training videos for businesses, product explainers, and promotions. There are a variety of AI avatars to choose from, even an option to customize a personal avatar. Synthesia is available in various languages and different voice tones to suit your specific needs. It is a great way to make videos by simply feeding the prompt with plain text. You can sign up for free at

5. ElevenLabs Prime Voice

Prime Voice AI is a tool that can generate anyone’s voice from voice input. It creates a voice from text input that is indistinguishable from reality. It involves you training the AI with your own voice or that of the person you want it to use, the AI then learns voice patterns after a few voice inputs. You can then feed the AI tool with any length of text input. It then gives an output in the voice of the training inputs.

It is kind of scary considering the fact that you can have it perfectly mimic your own voice in a perfect human-like manner, not the robotic voice in older AIs. You can sign up for a free at

6. CopyAI

Much like ChatGPT but specifically designed for writing Sales pitches, social media content, blog posts, promotions, digital adverts, email marketing, etc. It can help you save time in creating content, and overcome writer’s block by generating amazing content. It is a great AI tool for startup businesses, copywriters, email marketers, marketing agencies, Social media managers, business owners, etc. Sign up for a free account at

7. Writesonic

This AI tool is also like ChatGPT when it comes to content creation. However, unlike ChatGPT which was trained with internet data limited to 2021, Writesonic can access the web in real time to get updated data to help you write SEO-optimized content at faster speeds. It is a great tool for copywriters, advertisers, Social Media managers, etc. You can sign up for free at

8. SlidesAI

This AI tool helps you generate Slides automatically, saving you valuable time and manpower of doing it manually. This is a great tool for preparing your company’s sales presentation. It creates professional and engaging slides in just a few seconds. Free signup is at


AI tools are becoming better at performing specific tasks. The lists above were some free examples that you could integrate into your workflow, saving you valuable work hours that you can then channel to other things. Github Co-pilot for programmers, Midjourney for creating awesome pictures, Synthesia for generating Video Avatar from test inputs, Prime Voice AI for voice generation, CopyAI for copywriters, etc. For some of these tools, the limits are only the power of your imagination. AI is here to stay and will certainly get better. You use them to your advantage and remain competitive in your work.




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