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Social Media Marketing is one of the largest platforms for businesses to reach their customers with their goods and services. Meta – the Parent Company for Facebook, Instagram, Thread, and WhatsApp – is the leading brand for this. This blog post will review the Meta Social Media Marketing Professional Certificate.

The Review will focus on what the certificate entails, the course curriculum, who can take it, the cost, the duration, the skills you will gain, career opportunities with digital marketing, Salary, and finally if it is worth enrolling in.

What Is Meta Social Media Marketing Certificate?

Social Media Marketing

The Meta Social Media Marketing Certificate is an industry credential from Meta that validates skills in Social Media Marketing. It is issued upon completing the series of training courses on Coursera, taught by Meta employees.

The certificate training program is fully online and teaches you the foundations of how social media marketing works. It is ideal for getting entry-level jobs in Social Media/Digital Marketing and for personal or brand promotion.

Who Can Take the Certification?

Anyone with basic internet navigation skills and a desire to learn Social Media Marketing skills. It is a beginner’s certificate and does not require prior skills, degree, or experience. You will need to have a Meta Account for some practical demonstrations.

Overview of the Certificate Curriculum

The Meta Social Media Marketing Certificate is made up of 6 courses. A brief description of each of the courses is as follows;

Course 1: Introduction to Social Media Marketing – The Social Media Landscape, Social Media Platform Overview, Goals and Planning for Success. Understand your Audience and Choosing your Social Media Channels

Course 2: Social Media Management – Establish your presence, Social Media Content, Social Media Content Management, and how to evaluate your effort.

Course 3: Fundamentals of Social Media Advertising – The Foundations of Social Media Marketing, Careers in Digital Marketing, Why, when and where to advertise? the components of Social Media Ads.

Course 4: Advertising with Meta – Introduction to Meta Ads Manager, how to determine Your Campaign Objective and Budget, selecting your audience, Placements, and Schedule. Creating Your Ads and Evaluating Your Campaign Results. Building a Full Campaign in Meta Ads Manager

Course 5: Measure and Optimize Social Media Marketing Campaigns – focuses on evaluating your marketing results against goals, measuring your advertising effectiveness, how to optimize your ads campaign, and communicating your marketing results.

Course 6: Meta Social Media Marketing Capstone – Combines all the skills you have learned in the previous courses to build a Project. You can include this in your job portfolio.

What Skill Will You Learn

Upon completing the META Social Media Marketing Certification, you will gain expertise in Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Performance Advertising, Content Marketing, and Brand Management.

With these skills, you will be able to;

  • Create users-engaging social media posts and promote a strong social media brand presence
  • Create an online presence, build a following, and manage your brand’s Social Media accounts
  • Create Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns in Meta Ads Manager that drive business results
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and optimize future campaigns

Careers Opportunities in Digital and Social Media Marketing

Meta Social Media Marketing Certificate prepares you for entry-level roles in Social media/Digital marketing. The jobs in digital marketing are broadly divided into two categories. These are Social Media Management Jobs and Paid Advertising Jobs.

Social Media/Digital Marketing

Social Media Management jobs are those where you will be required to manage a brand or a company’s Social Media platform. This can take the form of a Social Media Coordinator or an Engagement Coordinator.

The Paid Advertising Jobs are focused on creating and managing paid advertising on Social Media. These exist with Advertising Agencies or within a particular brand. Examples of these jobs are Social Media Marketing Associates either with an Agency or working with Clients.

Other careers in the Digital Marketing space are ;

  • Brand Ambassadors
  • Community Managers
  • Social Media Copyrighters
  • Associates, Managers, and Directors of Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Bloggers
  • Social Media Coordinators

How much does Meta Social Media Marketing professional certificate cost?

The Certification costs vary depending on how long you take to complete it and your location. Coursera offers it on a $39/month ($49 in the US/Canada, UK £47 per month) subscription fee. Completing the Certification Courses at the standard 5-month duration will put the cost of the Meta Social Media Certificate at $195 (or $245 in the US and Canada). In the UK £235

The optional additional Industry standard certificate – Meta Certified Digital Marketing Associate costs between $99 and $150 for the exam. 

How long is a Meta Social Media Marketing Professional Certificate?

The Meta Social Media Marketing Certification takes about 5 months to complete. The Courses are self-taught online and you can learn at your own pace. It consists of videos, reading materials, quizzes, assessments, a capstone project, etc

Meta Social Media Marketing Professional Certificate Salary

The annual salary range for a Social Media Marketing professional in the US is $58k – $106k with the average at about $63k.In the UK, this ranges between  £27k – £40k per year with the average at about  £35,138.

The Certificate You Will Get

meta social media marketing certificates

You will be awarded the Meta Social Media Marketing Professional Certificate upon successful completion. There is also an additional Industry standard exam – the Meta Certified Digital Marketing Associate (optional) for which you will take and pass a Proctored exam. This exam (100-101: Meta Certified Digital Marketing Associate) costs between $99 and $150 depending on your location.

Is Meta Social Media Marketing Certification worth it?

The Meta Social Media Marketing Certificate is worth enrolling in. The following are reasons why you may want to enroll for the certification.

  1. It trains you on the skills for Social Media Marketing and can help you land an entry-level job in the field or help manage and promote your own brand.
  2. The Certificate is from Meta and is an industry-recognized certification for Social Media Marketing.
  3. You can land entry-level Marketing jobs with the Certificate and earn a decent income.
  4. The certification also prepares you to take the Industry standard Meta Digital Marketing Associate exam to become a Meta Certified Professional.
  5. Finally, the Meta Social Media Marketing Certificate has the endorsement of the American Council on Education for the award of College Credits.


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