Marketing Analysts help businesses drive sales using cost-optimized marketing campaigns. The specifics for this may vary, with some businesses relying heavily on Social Media or website analytics. Meta – the Facebook parent company- provides certification and training to fill the Marketing Analyst job role- Meta Marketing Analytics Professional Certificate.

Marketing Analyst

This Blog post will review the Meta Marketing Analytics Certificate and some basic knowledge that can help you dive into a career in Marketing analytics. As regards the certificate, we will review the following;

  • Who Is it for?
  • The Courses
  • The Certification Cost
  • How long it takes to complete it
  • Marketing Analyst Salary
  • What are the skills of a marketing analyst?
  • What Skills Does The Meta Meta Marketing Analyst Certificate Teach?
  • The Meta Marketing Analyst Professional Certificate
  • Is Meta marketing analytics certification worth it?

What does a marketing analyst do?

A Marketing analyst collects and analyzes data on consumers (and sometimes on competitors) to have a business make informed decisions. They help companies promote their goods and services.

A Marketing analyst will help a business identify patterns and understand vital information such as what products people want to buy and at what price, timing, demographics, etc.

Some roles and responsibilities of Marketing Analysts are as follows;

  • They analyze data from different sources to identify business opportunities
  • They make market forecasts and monitor sales trends
  • They run marketing campaigns to provide feedback to management
  • They measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and provide reports
  • They convert data and findings into beautiful forms that are easy to read – graphs, tables, maps, etc
  • They Prepare reports and present results to clients and management

Is marketing analytics in demand?

Marketing is at the heart of every business, there will always be demand for Marketing Data Analysts. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job projection for Marketing Data Analyst each year is about 94,600 Job openings. This represents about 13 percent growth over the next decade – which is above the average for all occupations.

Is marketing analytics the same as data analytics?

Marketing Analysts are Data Analysts that focus specifically on the marketing aspects of a business. The Marketing Analyst is a specialized Data Analyst role and will be more concerned with developing strategies to drive Customer engagement and sales.

A Data Analyst is a broader term and will include roles such as Business Intelligence Analyst, Financial Analysts, Marketing Analyst, etc. They are more concerned about the overall health of a business or organization.

Meta Marketing Analytics Certification


The Meta Marketing Analytics Professional Certification is a training program by Meta for those who want to learn foundational skills in marketing analytics and pursue a career. It is offered through Coursera and fully taught online. It comprises a series of video courses, resources, graded assessments, and a capstone project.

You get a certificate upon completion, access to a job board, and assistance in creating a portfolio and impressive resume.

Meta Marketing Analytics Course

The certification program consists of 8 courses, the brief details of each course and their duration are listed below;

  • Course 1: Marketing Analytics Foundation– Importance of Marketing in Analytics. Marketing Data Sources, Marketing Measurement and Analytical tools, Data and Privacy
  • Course 2: Introduction to Data Analytics – Working with Data, Obtaining and Scrubbing Data. Exploring and Modeling Data, Interpreting Data

  • Course 3: Data Analysis with Spreadsheets and SQL – Working with data in Spreadsheets, Data Analysis with Spreadsheets, Extracting Data with SQL, and Data Visualization. Creating Dashboards
  • Course 4: Python Data Analytics -Introduction to Python, obtaining and Scrubbing Data in Pandas. Exploring Data with Python, Modelling and Interpreting Data with Python
  • Course 5: Statistics for Marketing – Descriptive Statistics, Inferential Statistics, Designing Experiments and Testing Hypotheses, Data Modeling, using Statistics in a real-world setting.

  • Course 6: Data Analytics Methods for Marketing – Find your Audience with Segmentation, Analytics for Planning and Forecasting, Evaluating Advertising Effectiveness. Optimizing your marketing mix
  • Course 7: Marketing Analytics with Meta – Analyzing Campaign results, Running Experiment with Meta, Optimizing your Marketing Mix. Market Analytics in Action
  • Course 8: Meta Marketing Science Certification Exam – Prepare for and take the Marketing Science Certification exam. Career support

Who Is this Certification for?

There is no requirement for prior knowledge or experience to take this course. It is a beginner’s course for those who want to gain skills in Marketing Analytics and pursue a career in the same.

It is also for those who already work in the field but want to hone specific skills in Marketing analysis especially as it relates to (Facebook)Meta environment.

Meta Marketing Analytics Course Fees

Accessing the Meta Marketing Analytics Certificate courses on Coursera costs $49 per month (US and Canada) or $39 (varies depending on your location). In the UK, it is UK £47 per month. The total cost for the certificate will then depend on how long you take to complete the courses.

There is a 7-day free trial period for you to access the course and an option to apply for financial aid for those who cannot afford a subscription fee.

You can enroll in the course here

How Long It Takes to Complete It

The certification program is comprised of videos and materials of about 120 hours. Since the program is self-taught and 100 percent online, the completion time will depend on individual study pace. Typically, most persons will complete the entire course series in 2-4 months.

Marketing Analyst Salary

The Certificate validates your skill as a Marketing Analyst. The average salary for an entry-level Marketing analyst job is about $66k per year in the US (Glassdoor, 2024) You typically will earn more with years of experience and in larger firms. For example, the salary range is $145K–$215K for a Marketing Analyst at Meta.

What are the skills of a marketing analyst?

The skills of a Marketing Analyst include both technical and non-technical. The technical skills will entail skills and proficiency in the following;

  • Python Programming Language in Data Analysis
  • SQL
  • Data Visualization tools like Tableau, Power BI
  • Forecasting tools like Excel and MatLab
  • Data Cleaning tools like – ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) tool
  • Web and Google Analytics (for Advanced Data Analytics)

The non-technical skills will include a mix of analytical skills, critical thinking, reporting, communication skills, attention to detail etc,.

What Skills Does The Meta Meta Marketing Analyst Certificate Teach?

You will gain skills such as Data Analysis (Using Python, SQL, and Spreadsheets), Tableau, Statistics for Marketing, Market Mix Optimization, Performance Marketing, Advertising Effectiveness Evaluation, etc.

And you should be able to

  1. Summarize and run analysis on data using marketing analytics methods/tools
  2. Collect, clean, and evaluate data from different sources
  3. Create beautiful visualizations and dashboards
  4. Use Meta Ads Manager to run tests, experiment with what works, and optimize ad performance
  5. Evaluate Advertising effectiveness by designing experiments and testing hypotheses


You earn a badge for each course you complete and a final Certificate of Completion for completing all 8-course series. You can share this certificate on Linkedin and on your resume with prospective employers.

Is Meta marketing analytics certification worth it?

The certificate does offer some value and lay some foundational skills for a career in Marketing Analytics. It allows you to learn a ton of information about the subject. You will get to pick up some skills very specific to Marketing Analytics.

Marketing Analytics with Meta (Course 7) is probably the best course to learn how to work with Meta advertising systems and do some analysis on their platform. This is definitely of huge advantage if your prospective employer is big on using the Meta systems for marketing.

The Python course – course 4 – the content was excellent (for beginners), so were the statistics for the marketing course (Course 3)

However, some of the major downsides of the course are as follows;

  • It does not treat in great depth some skills that are important for an Analyst. For example; Tableau – is a great visualization tool used.
  • Some aspects of the course may not be relevant to a Marketing Analyst (or a Data Analyst in general) e.g.; Cluster analysis.

Overall, it is worth taking especially for a beginner.


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