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As of 2024, there are currently over 438,000 active job postings in the US alone, which is on the rise. Also, a third of all IT job listings are entry-level, making IT Fundamental skills increasingly important. The focus of this blog post will be the CompTIA IT Fundamentals Exam and certificate as one of the prominent validations of IT Fundamental Skills.

If you are looking at the CompTIA ITF+ Certification, It is safe to assume that you are new to Information Technology and probably considering if this certification is right for you.

As someone who has been in IT for some years now, I will share my experience about the things you need to know about the CompTIA ITF + Exam and Certification. Helpful information I found useful when I too began Learning about IT Fundamentals.

In this blog post, you will learn (among other things);

  • What is the CompTIA IT Fundamentals
  • Benefits of the CompTIA ITF+ Certification
  • The Exam Structure and Content
  • Key Concepts Covered in the Exams
  • Why you may fail the CompTIA ITF + Exam
  • Study Resources and tips to help you pass the exams
  • Cost and Registration Process
  • Career Opportunities and Salary of CompTIA IT Fundamentals Certificate
  • Exam Day Tips
  • What other people say about the Certification
  • Is the CompTIA ITF+ Worth it?

What is the CompTIA IT Fundamentals Certificate?

The CompTIA Fundamentals (ITF+) is an industry-standard beginner’s certification that teaches and validates basic knowledge and skills in Information skills. The certificate is an excellent introduction to the world of IT, helping people with little or no technical skills in IT to learn basic technology.

The CompTIA IT Fundamentals covers all the main information technology concepts like Networking, Security, Data Management, Operating Systems, etc at the most fundamental level. It therefore serves as a pre-certification (the only CompTIA Certifications that does that) and as an entry-level job training certification.

One of the beautiful things I find about this certification is that it gives you an overview of all the different niches in IT, so you can later choose something that matches your interest.

Who should take the CompTIA ITF+ certification?

The CompTIA ITF + Certification is designed for beginners who want to start with basic IT Support skills and then further a career in Information Technology. According to CompTIA’s official page, the certificate is specifically for;

  • Students in Middle and High School
  • Career changers from Non-IT to IT

I think it is suitable for people who are looking forward to getting entry-level jobs in IT Support, HelpDesks, and similar job descriptions. Many of these jobs may not require a certificate, but having this certificate equips you with skills you may not quickly learn on the job.

Benefits of obtaining the CompTIA IT Fundamentals Certificate

Some of the benefits of obtaining the CompTIA ITF Certificate are as follows;

  1. Skill Validation – It validates your skills and knowledge in IT Fundamentals to prospective employers.
  2. Industry Standard Certification – The Certification is an Industry-Standard certification for IT Support jobs. If you have already taken the IBM IT Support Professional Certificate, the CompTIA ITF+ Certificate is the recommended industry-standard certificate to make you stand out to prospective employers. (See the IBM IT SUPPORT PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATE REVIEW – WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW)
  3. Job Placement – It can get you an entry-level job in IT Support, HelpDesks, Technical Support, etc
  4. Broadens Your Scope – The Certification broadens your understanding of IT Careers and gain a better perspective of the industry. The common challenge of people entering IT is not knowing which area to focus on, the CompTIA ITF+ takes away or reduces that challenge. You get to learn a bit about all the different niches in IT – Networking, Security, Cloud, Data, etc.
  5. Career Advancement – If you are already employed in Entry-level jobs, getting this certification can equip you to take on more job responsibilities and advance your career.

Benefit To Organizations

For Companies and Organizations, this certification helps them prepare non-technical staff for digital transformation, excellent for basic IT skills for non-technical staff. It is one of the most elementary IT certifications to get people up to speed on basic IT skills.

Schools (High School and Middle School) can also incorporate the certification as a part of their curriculum to help familiarize students with the world of Information Technology.

CompTIA IT Fundamentals Exam Structure and Details

The official designation of the CompTIA IT Fundamentals (ITF+) Certification Exam is FC0-U6. It validates your foundational knowledge and skills in Computing, IT infrastructure, Software development, Database use, etc. If you are taking the CompTIA ITF+ exams, below is a summary of what you should know;

Required exam for CompTIA ITF+ CertificateFCO-U61
Number of Questions 75
Type of Questions Multiple choice
Exam Duration60 minutes
Passing Score650 or more (on a scale of 900)
Recommended ExperienceNo prior experience is necessary
CompTIA IT Fundamentals (ITF+) Certification Exam FC0-U6 Details

Key Topics Covered in the Certification – Exam Syllabus

The CompTIA IT Fundamentals Certificate exams cover 6 core areas or domains. The weighted percentages of each of these in the exam are as follows;

Exam DomainWeighted Percentage
1.IT Concepts and Terminology 17%
3.Applications and Software 18%
4.Software Development 12%
5.Database Fundamentals11%
Total 100%
CompTIA IT Fundamentals Exam Domains

We shall explore what each of the domains entails in the sections below;

1. IT Concepts and Terminology

This domain introduces you to basic Computing Systems and basic information about Data in Computing. It starts with an introduction to Notational Systems – Binary and Hexadecimal, different Data Types like Char, integrals, boolean, and strings, basic computing and processing, etc.

This domain also covers basic troubleshooting Methodology and skills- something you may be tested on in the exams.

The main parts of this domain are as follows;

  • Compare and Contrast notational systems
  • Compare and Contrast fundamental data types and their characteristics
  • Illustrate the basics of Computing and Processing
  • Explain the value of data and information
  • Compare and Contrast common units of measure
  • Explain the Troubleshooting Methodology

2. Infrastructure

This domain covers the hardware components of IT fundamentals, from knowing the basic types to the setup and installation of common devices. It also examines all the components of a Computer, what do you find when you take apart the components? what each component does etc.

Other aspects to expect with this domain include basic networking devices, their functions are, networking protocols like SMTP, IMAP, and POP3. Also included are Cables, Fiber Optics, and Connectors – including the types.

The specific outline of the CompTIA ITF+ Infrastructure is as follows;

  • Classify common types of input/output device interfaces
  • Given a Scenario, Set up and Install common peripheral devices to a laptop/PC
  • Explain the purpose of common internal Computer Components
  • Compare and Contrast common Internet Service types
  • Compare and Contrast Storage types
  • Compare and Contrast common Computing devices and their purposes
  • Explain Basic Networking concepts
  • Given a Scenario, Install, Configure, and Secure a basic Wireless network

3. Applications and Software

This domain of the CompTIA ITF+ exam focuses on the Software Applications and Operating systems aspects of IT fundamentals. The things that make the hardware function effectively. It covers the types of Operating Systems, Application management, Memory management, device management, etc.

Other aspects of this domain include Network Architectures – 1-tier,2-tier, 3-tier, and application delivery methods. The specific things the exam can test on in this domain include;

  • Explain the purpose of operating systems
  • Compare and contrast components of an Operating System.
  • Explain the purpose and proper use of software
  • Explain methods of application architecture and delivery models.
  • Given a scenario, configure and use web browsers
  • Compare and contrast general application concepts and uses.

4. Software Development Concepts

This domain in the CompTIA ITF+ Certification focuses on learning basic IT Skills relating to Programming Languages. You will be required to learn about the categories of Programming Languages – Interpreted (scripted, scripting, markup language), Compiled, Query, and Assembly languages.

This domain also covers Programming language concepts like identifiers, containers, functions, and objects. The Exam Syllabus specifically requires you to;

  • Compare and contrast programming language categories
  • Given a scenario, use programming organizational techniques and interpret logic
  • Explain the purpose and use of programming concepts.

5. Database Fundamentals

This domain covers the fundamentals of the Data and how it ties with your skills in IT. This is the domain that will give you an insight into whether you would like to later pursue a career in fields like Data Analytics, Marketing Analytics, Database Administration, Data Science, etc.

This domain covers how you will use a database, explain the difference between a Flat file and a database, compare Structured and Unstructured data, Relational and Non-relational databases, etc., and other data-related concepts.

The exam syllabus outline includes the following;

  • Explain database concepts and the purpose of a database.
  • Compare and contrast various database structures
  • Summarize methods used to interface with databases

6. Security

Knowing some security fundamentals is an important component of IT Fundamentals skills. This domain is the aspect of the certification that covers just that. It covers a broad range of basic security fundamentals, An outline of the domain is highlighted below;

  • Summarize confidentiality, integrity, and availability concerns
  • Explain methods to secure devices and best practices
  • Summarize behavioral security concepts
  • Compare and contrast authentication, authorization, accounting, and non-repudiation concepts.
  • Explain password best practices.
  • Explain common uses of encryption
  • Explain business continuity concepts.

Study Resources and tips to help you pass the FC0-U6 Exams

The following are recommendations on study resources that can help you understand the CompTIA Information Technology Fundamentals Syllabus and ultimately pass the FC0-U6 Exam.

  1. ITF+ CompTIA IT Fundamentals All-in-One Exam Guide, Second Edition (Exam FC0-U61), 2nd Edition – This book covers the Exams (with just a few exceptions) and a good collection of Practice Exam Questions (130) to help you prepare. It is also an on-the-job reference material.
  2. CompTIA IT Fundamentals (ITF+) FC0-U61 Full Course on YouTube by Tech Gee. Link here. It is a free 11-hour course that covers the entire certification.
  3. IBM IT Support Professional Certificate on Coursera – This course by IBM also prepares you for the certificate while at the same time allowing you to earn a 40% discount and get a respectable certificate from IBM.
  4. CompTIA IT Fundamentals+ (FC0-U61) | Free Course from ITProTV. ITProTV is a training partner with CompTIA and this course is a good learning resource. (The course contents are a bit old but very useful).
  5. IT Fundamentals+ (FC0-U61) by Jon Tabor – Although this YouTube is a bit old, the contents are very relevant. The concepts of IT Fundamentals don’t change. It is an excellent course.
  6. CompTIA IT Fundamentals (ITF+) Practice Exam by TestPrep

Why you may fail the CompTIA IFT+ (FC0-U6) Exam.

There is a tendency to take the CompTIA ITF FC0-U6 with so much laxity because after all, it is a beginner-level exam. Do not be fooled by this, to pass the exam, you really need to prepare adequately for it. Do NOT underestimate the exam.

An important point to note is that the CompTIA ITF+ exam tests your understanding of the concepts, so just memorizing some topics will not do you much good. More persons fail this exam for this reason.

To stand a good chance of passing the exam, you will need to grasp the different modules and understand the style and difficulty of the questions. Setting out just a week to prepare for the exam may not be enough. I will highly recommend you take some practice exam simulations.

Cost, Financial Aid, and Registration Process of the CompTIA ITF+

The Cost of the CompTIA IT Fundamentals (ITF+) (FC0-U61) Exam Voucher varies depending on your location and on several other factors. If you are in the US, it costs $138 (or $77 in some other countries).

There are also several funding options and discounts available including scholarships and discounts from a variety of sources. Depending on your unique circumstances and residence, you may be eligible for some of these.

Discounts and Financial Aids

The following discounts and funding options are available for the CompTIA ITF Certification exam.

  1. Students in the US can register for the exam for just $72. You will need to verify this by presenting a valid student ID and a .edu email address.
  2. A 40 percent discount for those who have successfully completed the IBM IT Support Professional Certificate on Coursera
  3. Non-Government Organizations Funding- Several NGOs can provide you with funding for the CompTIA ITF+ Certification. This largely depends on your location in the US. Some examples include;
  • Memphis IT (Tech901) – For Memphis Residents in the US.
  • Creating IT Futures – for locations in Minneapolis-St. Paul and varying cities, there are several training programs including CompTIA ITF+ Certifications
  • Per Scholas – with locations in New York City, Washington, D.C., metropolitan area, Cincinnati, Ohio; Columbus, Ohio; Atlanta and Dallas

How to Register for the CompTIA ITF+ Exam

Purchase the exam voucher from CompTIA Stores or through any of its accredited partners. You redeem the Voucher for exam codes you can use to access the exam.

You can take the exam either in person through a CompTIA-approved testing Center (Pearson VUE testing center) or Online in the comfort of your room. ( Your laptop must have a web camera and meet certain specifications, someone will be watching you from the other end to make sure you don’t cheat).

Details on taking the Online exam are available here

A few things you need to know about the CompTIA ITF+ voucher is that it is only valid for 12 months. Also, the exam vouchers are region-specific geographically. That means you cannot purchase a voucher from a particular country and send it to a friend in another country where it may be more expensive. It will be invalid.

Rescheduling CompTIA ITF+ Exam (How to reschedule the exam)

You can reschedule an in-person exam at least 24 hours before the start time, otherwise, you must sit for the exam. If you fail to turn up, the exam is deemed a fail and you will need to purchase another voucher.

For the Online exam option, however, you can reschedule any time before the start of the exam.

You can reschedule for the exam by logging into your  CompTIA account and going to the Managed Exam >  My Exams > Reschedule, reschedule the date, and then Confirm Reschedule the new date.

Career Opportunities with the CompTIA Information Technology Fundamentals + Certification

CompTIA IT fundamentals jobs are usually entry-level jobs. Some of the typical job descriptions you can get with certifications are as follows;

  1. IT HelpDesk Technician
  2. IT Support Specialist
  3. Computer Support Specialist
  4. PC Support Technician
  5. Technical Support Associate
  6. Support Specialist
  7. User Support Analyst
  8. IT Administrator

You can then progress to higher job titles as you advance in your career.

Salary of CompTIA IT fundamentals Certificate

I did a recent search on the LinkedIn job listing and on job listings for entry-level IT Support jobs (and similar descriptions like Helpdesk technician, IT Administrator, User Support Analyst etc.) – jobs that you can apply for using the CompTIA IT Fundamentals Certificate.

CompTIA IT Fundamentals Salary

According to my findings from the data, what you should expect is typically $55,000 to about $80,000 for jobs within the US. The hourly rate is about $24 – $31 in the example above.

What other people say about the CompTIA ITF+ Certificate

I have reviewed some key aspects of the Certification, you may also want to compare a few things of what other persons may have said about the CompTIA ITF, especially in comparison to the CompTIA A+ and the job prospects. You may want to consider these also. Overall, the response is usually positive as it has helped them improve their IT Fundamentals skills.

There is always the comparison with the CompTIA A+ Certificate, whether or not one should skip the CompTIA ITF and take the CompTIA A+ instead. Here are some examples of what people are saying about the Certification you may want to consider;

Personally, I believe you should do ITF first. I’m saying that because I completed the A+ a year or so ago and it’s a lot of material to absorb. ITF is a better start and the best part about it will be that it all carries forward with you to A+. 


There’s job prep and there’s knowledge prep. ITF+ will not get you a job, likely. But it can help you ease into the waters and into exam-taking mode. You can pass the A+ without it. But with no IT background, it could help.

I got my A+ a long time ago, so there are people who can tell you about the modern A+ test with more authority. But I took the ITF+ in 2019 because a lot of our interns were taking that to A+ and I wanted to be able to talk about both.

I’m noob too and I passed ITF+ early this year studying for A+ right now u can just study material for ITF+ then pay for A+ exams later because A+ is what is actually required for some job postings

I’ll tell you what most people told me. Study the ITF videos and then progress to the A+ videos. Sure the ITF certification doesn’t expire but save yourself the cost of that test as most jobs require the A+.

If you are looking to get your first job in IT I advise you to go with Comptia A+.

IFT+ is good if you want to get the basic knowledge.

Any-Surround1134 on reddit

Is the CompTIA IT Fundamentals worth it?

The CompTIA IT Fundamentals is a beginner’s course for entry-level jobs. You are not likely to become very proficient in most IT Fundamental skills (that comes with practice on the job). As much as getting basic IT Skills, the CompTIA ITF+ is a worthwhile Certificate.

The Certificate gives you the opportunity to earn more in entry-level jobs, kickstart a career in IT Career or transition to IT from a non-technical background.

For more advanced IT skills, the CompTIA ITF+ is insufficient. In comparison, more jobs tend to require the CompTIA A+ rather than the CompTIA ITF


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