1. Introduction

The Google IT Support Professional Certificate is one of the most popular IT Support certifications for a career in IT Support. If you are trying to get an entry into IT Support and are unsure if this is a certification for you, this blog post will explore everything you need to know about it.

It will highlight the benefits of the Google IT Support Professional Certificate, some of its drawbacks, the course curriculum, cost, job opportunities, salaries, and comparisons with other similar certificates. Finally, if the Google IT Support Professional Certificate is worth it.

Information Technology or IT is the use of digital technology such as computers and the internet, to store and process data into useful information. The IT industry is large and encompasses the personnel and infrastructure that facilitates the storage and processing of data into useful information.

What is IT Support?

IT Support is a professional IT career providing technical support to users of IT tools and services. Core IT Support is focused on people and the basic technologies they use for personal and business needs. IT Support is about troubleshooting and solving problems and customer service.

What Does An IT Support Professional Do?

IT Support Professionals provide technical support to users (persons and businesses). They can work In-person, or remotely, and the work spans across different Industries. Also, they can work for small businesses and large enterprises.

Some of the typical job descriptions of an IT Support professional are as follows;

  1. They provide technical support to users – in person or remotely (across the internet or over the phone).
  2. They set up computers for users in an organization
  3. They monitor and maintain computer systems and Networks within the organizations
  4. They perform basic software installations and updates.
  5. They troubleshoot basic IT problems

Overall, an IT Support Professional manages, installs, maintains, configures, and troubleshoots office, computing, and networking equipment.

2. What is the Google IT Support Professional Certificate?

The Google IT Support Professional Certificate is Google’s IT Support Skill validation and training program on Coursera. It is designed to teach you effective IT Support skills for entry-level job positions. The course is fully online and self-taught, with materials and training directly from Google Instructors.

The Google IT Support Certificate covers a wide range of basic IT Education – Technical Support Fundamentals, Computer Operating Systems, Network administration, Securing the IT Environment, etc, And some practical Hands-on demos.

What You Will Learn in the Google IT Support Certificate Program

The training courses for the certification will teach you IT Support skills so that you can pick up entry-level jobs in IT Support, Help Desk, Technical Support, etc.

You will learn;

  1. Customer support skills – including some non-technical aspects like communication skills.
  2. Perform IT Support day-to-day tasks like Computer assembly, Software Installations, Wireless Networking, etc.
  3. Providing end-to-end customer support, helping them identify and troubleshoot problems.
  4. Windows and Linux Operating Systems and how to use commands to debug and troubleshoot a computer problem
  5. Network Administration and managing basic IT Infrastructure that keeps many small businesses running.

Who Can Take The Google IT Support Certificate Course?

The Google IT Support Certificate is a beginner’s certification, it does not require you to have any experience, prior training, or a College Education. It is for anyone who wants to learn IT Support, whether as School leavers, or professionals from non-tech disciplines, just being curious about IT in general.

3. Benefits of the Google IT Support Professional Certificate?

IT Support Jobs are mostly entry-level jobs and may not even require you to have a degree but often require you to have some experience. This is more of a dilemma for many – you need a job to get experience but then you need experience to get the job in the first place. Challenging, Is it not? This is where this Certificate comes in beneficial.

The Google IT Support Certificate helps you get some hands-on practical experience and the knowledge and skills to function in entry-level IT Support Jobs.

Other reasons or benefits of the Certificate are as follows;

  1. Industry Recognition and Credibility – In a competitive job market, you want a certificate from an Industry giant like Google to validate your skills. The Google IT Support Certificate is recognized and respected as credible.
  2. Skills – You learn valuable IT Skills to become much more efficient at your job.
  3. Hands-on Practicals – You learn through hands-on experience, which increases your value to prospective employers.
  4. Commitments – Employers love to see that you committed to a learning routine and were able to follow through with the training. This makes you much more valuable to a prospective employer than someone without it.
  5. Potential Salary Increases – This certification can help you significantly earn a better salary for your work. People with certificates generally earn higher pay than those without.

4. Google IT Support Certificate Curriculum and Course Structure

The Google IT Support Professional Certificate has 5 component courses. Each course is independent of the other but it is generally advised to take the courses serially, especially for beginners. The course materials consist of reading materials, videos, and assessments.


You earn an online Google badge for every course you complete, so you get to update your resume and online profile as you progress through the certification training.

I will describe each of the Courses’s structure and Curriculum below

Course I: Technical Support Fundamentals

The Technical Support Fundamentals introduces you to the workings of Computers and IT in general. It is a broad overview of what to expect in the Google IT Support Certificate program. The course has 6 modules and has about 26 hours of course content.

In the course, you will learn

  • How Computers work
  • The Building Blocks of IT
  • How to assemble a Computer from the ground up
  • Operating Systems and how they interact with hardware.
  • Basic troubleshooting methodologies
  • Soft skills like effective communication in an IT Support role.

This course’s modules include the following:

  1. Introduction to Information Technology
  2. Hardware
  3. Operating Systems
  4. Networking
  5. Software
  6. Troubleshooting

Course II: Bits and Bytes of Computer Networking

The Bits and Bytes of Computer Networking is a course that focuses on teaching the basic foundations of how computers communicate and share resources ( Networking). Networking is a crucial part of any IT infrastructure, it forms the basics of communication within and outsides businesses.

Understanding how Computer Networking works will make it easier to troubleshoot problems. It helps you break things down into logical steps to isolate the source of the problem and offer the solution.

In the course, you will learn about

  • The 5 Layer TCP/OSI Model
  • The 7 Layer OSI Model
  • Networking Protocols like DNS, DHCP, etc. and Services
  • Troubleshooting using the knowledge gained from Networking Layers.
  • How computers make routing decisions

There are 6 modules in the course and they are as follows;

  1. Introduction to Networking
  2. The Network Layer
  3. The Transport and Application Layers
  4. Networking Services
  5. Connecting to the Internet
  6. Troubleshooting and the future of Networking

Course III: Operating Systems and You: Becoming a Power User

This course focuses on Operating Systems (OS) – Specifically Windows and Linux Operating Systems. I find this course to be very useful even for other IT careers like Networking and Cybersecurity etc. There are 6 modules in the course. The total course duration is about 34 hours.

You will learn

  • How to use Windows and Linux Operating Systems
  • How to interact with Operating Systems using the Command Line Interface -CLI
  • How file systems work
  • How to assign different User Permissions and roles
  • Package Management and the tradeoffs between the different package management
  • Remote Connections tools
  • Installation of Operating Systems on a lot of machines (all at once).

The modules are

  1. Navigating the System
  2. Users and Permission
  3. Package and Software Management
  4. Files Systems
  5. Process Management
  6. Operating System in Practice

Course IV: Google System Administration and IT Infrastructure Services

This course takes IT Support a bit further into the domains of Systems Administration. This is because some organizations (especially small organizations) may include Systems Administration in the jobs of an IT Support professional.

Systems administration as a part of the Google IT Support Certification

Systems Administration deals with the management of reliable Computer Systems in a multi-user environment.

The Course duration is about 28 hours and it has 6 modules.

In this course, you will learn;

  • Basic server configuration and Network Monitoring
  • Provisioning of new users in the network
  • Managing Users and Computers using Directory Services
  • Managing an organization’s entire Computer Systems
  • Backing up files and restoration in case of a security incident.

The course modules are;

  1. What is System Administration
  2. Network and Infrastructure Services
  3. Software and Platform Services
  4. Directory Services
  5. Data Recovery and Backups
  6. Final Project

Course V: Google IT Security: Defense against the Digital Dark Arts

IT Security is an important component of the skills of an IT Support Professional. This IT Security Course focuses on Security – how bad actors can cause harm to your IT Infrastructure (devices, networks, systems, etc.) environment and steps you can take to mitigate against them.

I found this course to be very interesting, and at the same time interesting. There are about 35 hours of course content and it has 7 modules.

In this course, you will learn

  • To define and identify Security risks, Vulnerabilities, and threats
  • Identify common Security attacks and risks
  • Understand the CIA Triad – Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability
  • How to Prevent Common Security Attacks
  • Gain a deeper understanding of Computer Security
  • Cryptography, Authentication and Access Management

The course’s modules include;

  1. Understanding Security Threats
  2. Pelcgbybtl (Cryptology)
  3. The three A’s of Cybersecurity: Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting
  4. Securing Your Networks
  5. Defense in Depth
  6. Creating a Company Culture for Security
  7. Prepare for jobs in IT Support

5. Cost and Financial Aid Options For Google IT Support Certificate

The Google IT Support Certificate training is available through a Coursera subscription of $49 per month (US/Canadian Residents) or £47 per month (UK Residents). Since the certificate program is self-paced, the cost of the certificate will depend on how long it takes you to complete the training.

Most persons will pay between 147$- $294 for US/Canadian Residents (3-6 months), and £141 – £282 (for UK residents) for a 3- 6 months completion time.

For people who may not be able to afford the Coursera subscription fee, there are two options available to access the Courses;

  1. Financial Aid
  2. Coursera Audit Option

The financial aid option is available for eligible candidates on the Coursera platform. It gives you access to the Certification Courses for 180 days, and the official certificate. You can find more information and apply for Financial Aid on the Coursera page.

The Course Audit option allows you access to the courses for free. You will however not be eligible for an official certificate upon completion. See HOW TO GET FREE COURSES ON COURSERA to learn how to use this option

6. How Long Does It Take to Complete The Google IT Support Certificate Training

Google estimates that it takes about 6 months to complete all 5 courses that make up the Google IT Support Certification – if you spend 10 hours a week. But in reality, I think you can complete the certification training courses in 3-4 months if you spend 1-2 hours a day.

The total course content for all 5 courses is about 148 hours.

I think the reason for the 6 months estimate from Googe/Coursera is that; the longer the course, the better the perceived value, both from users and employers. (Partly the same reasons some University degrees take 4 years when in reality, people can complete them in less time).

7. Pros and Cons of the Google IT Support Certification

Here are some of the Pros and Cons of the Google IT Support Certificate I find to be interesting.


  1. Course Content – I found the Certification Curriculum very rich and helpful. Personally, Course III (Operating Systems and You: Becoming a Power User), and Course V (IT Security) were particularly interesting.
  2. Skills – the Google IT Support Certificate equips you with IT Support skills
  3. Industry Recognition – Google IT Support Certification is recognized globally
  4. Low Cost – The Certificate is relatively cheap(less than $300), especially in comparison to what you may pay for a College or university degree.
  5. Online Sharable Certificate – You can easily share the certificate online to get the attention of prospective employers.
  6. Additional System Administration Skill – Unlike other similar IT Support Certificate training, the Google IT Support Certificate has an extra course (Course IV -System Administration and IT Infrastructure Services) to equip you with in Systems Administration.
  7. CompTIA A+ – Google IT Certification program prepares you for the Industry Standard Exam – CompTIA A+

The Cons

  1. You get a Certificate of Completion, rather than an actual professional certificate like the CompTIA ITF + Exams
  2. Too much “storytelling” – I find the introductory part where the instructors talk about their personal lives, and how they grew up a bit annoying. If you are like me, you will just want to skip the lessons and not waste time on the personal lives of the instructors.

8. How Much Does the Google IT Support Professional Earn

According to Glassdoor, the salary range for a Google IT Support Professional in the US ranges from $49K- 92K per year with an average of about $66K. In the UK, the range is between £40K – £106K per year.

9. Google IT Support Certificate Jobs

Some of the typical jobs you can get with the Google IT Support Professional Certificate are as follows;

  1. IT Support Specialist
  2. Help Desk Technician
  3. Support Specialist
  4. Technical Customer Service Representative
  5. IT Helpdesk Associate
  6. Enterprise Help Desk Technician
  7. Desktop Support Engineer
  8. Computer Support Specialist
  9. User Support Analyst
  10. PC Support Technician
  11. Technical Support Associate

10. Degree Credits for the Google IT Support Certificate

Google IT Support Professional Certificate is recognized and accredited by the American Council on Education for the award of Degree Credits. You can earn up to 15 degree credits upon completing the certification. Some of the Universities where you can apply for such credits are as follows;

  1. University of Maryland Global Campus – Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity Management, BSc. Cybersecurity Technology
  2. Illinois Tech – Bachelor of Information Technology
  3. University of Texas – Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences
  4. University of London – Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

You can find more about these credits here

11. How to Enroll and Get Started

To enroll for the Google IT Support Certificate training, visit the Course registration page on Coursera.

Fill in your details, and make payments (or use the other options for accessing the Courses). You always have a 7-day free trial subscription.

12. Is the Google IT Support Professional Certificate Worth It?

The Google IT Support Certificate has a lot of benefits, it can help you kickstart a career in IT Support, earn valuable skills, and potentially earn a decent salary. It does give you an edge in the job marketplace.

Additionally, the Google IT Certificate incorporates a Systems Administration course in its curriculum. This is particularly valuable because in a small business environment where the IT Support Professional will also be the person responsible for the entire Systems Administration duties.

13. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some of the commonly asked questions about the Google IT Support Professional Certificate (and IT Support in general) are discussed thus below

Does Google IT support professional certificate prepare you for CompTIA A+?

Yes, the Google IT Support Professional Certificate also prepares you for the CompTIA A+ exams. However, Unlike in the IBM IT Support Certificate where you can get a 30 percent discount(for the CompTIA ITF+ exam), there is no discount officially available.

How do I work as an IT Support?

IT Support Jobs are usually entry-level jobs in most organizations. Many times, it does not require you to have a degree or even a certification, but more often than not, it requires that you have some practical hands-on experience in handling technical problems and Customer Service skills.

To however increase your chances of working as an IT Support Professional, Certifications like the Google IT Support Professional Certificate or the IBM IT Support Certificate can get you started. This is because these certs teach you some hands-on practical skills and the knowledge requirement.

Does IT support require coding?

IT Support does not require coding skills or programming skills, you do however need to be familiar with basic Commands of Windows and Linux OS. You should know how to troubleshoot problems using CLI Commands. This is not the same as coding – they are much simpler and need to know just a couple of them.

Is IT support a good job?

IT Support is an entry-level job, and does not in many instances require a degree. The typical salaries range from about $45K- $105K per year in the US. While this may be lower than other IT roles, IT Support helps you easily gain the experience you need to take on much more challenging job roles in IT. It offers you a great way to “learn on the job” and prepare you for your next IT job.

What does IT stand for in IT support?

The “IT” in IT Support simply means “Information technology” such that the full meaning of IT Support is Information Technology Support. Someone who works in this field can simply be called an IT Support Professional, IT Technician, Support Specialist, or other similar job titles.

Is IT support a good place to start?

IT Support is an excellent way to start a career in IT. It is usually the first IT Job for many IT professionals. The entry barrier is relatively low compared to other IT Jobs and the salary is reasonable. The number of jobs in IT Support can be as high as a third of all IT jobs.

Another good advantage of starting with IT Support is that it gives you a broad overview of the entire IT Industry and a brief introduction to other fields like Networking, Data management, Cloud, Security, etc.


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