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Tableau is one of the most common Data Visualization tools for Business Intelligence Analysts (and indeed Data Analysts). Due to its popularity, there is a demand for professionals who have mastery of Tableau. This blog post will review the Tableau Business Intelligence Analyst Professional Certificate by Salesforce.

The review will be on the following subjects;

  • What it Is and the Curriculum
  • Who is it for?
  • The Skills you will learn from the certification
  • The Cost of the Certification and how you can access it for free
  • Time to complete the Tableau Business Intelligence certification?
  • Is Tableau Skill in Demand?
  • Salary Potential
  • The Tableau Certifications – Certificates vs Certificate of Completion
  • The Pros and Cons of the Certificate
  • And finally, if it is Worth It?

Tableau is a platform or tool businesses use to visualize data and reveal patterns for analysis in business intelligence. It makes it easier for you to draw useful insights from data. For reference, Tableau is also known as Tableau CRM or Salesforce CRM Analytics

What is the Tableau business intelligence Certificate?

The Tableau Business Intelligence Analyst Professional Certificate is a series of training courses on Coursera focused on teaching Tableau skills for Business Intelligence.

The certification program is 100 percent online, and self-taught. The instructors are Tableau Partners and you get a certificate issued to you upon completion. The certificate (certificate of completion) is shareable on your LinkedIn profile to attract Hiring Managers.

There are 8 component courses, made up of videos, reading materials, quizzes, and assessments. The breakdown of each of the various courses curriculum are as follows;

Course 1: Introduction to Business Analytics – Introduction to Business Analytics, Data Analytics Lifecycle, Project Management for Analysts, Data Literacy. 14 hours

Course 2: Business Analysis Process – Business Analysis Process, Requirement Elicitation, Business Analysis Visual Models, Business Requirments Documents. 22 hours.

Course 3: Data Ecosystem – Data Sources, Data Warehousing, Data Management. 14 hours

Course 4: Introduction to Tableau – Introduction to Tableau Public, Prepare Data in Tableau Public, Multiple Data Sources in Tableau Public. 19 hours

Course 5: Data Visualization with Tableau – Foundations for Effective Data Visualizations, Building Basic Visualizations, Building Basic Visualizations II, Building Maps in Tableau. 26 hours

Course 6: Advanced Data Visualization with Tableau – Advanced Visualizations, Specialized Visualizations, Advanced Geographic Data Analysis. 21 hours

Course 7: Data Analysis with Tableau – Data Analysis and Exploration, Data Processing and Aggregation, Introduction to Statistical Analysis, Introduction to Predictive Analytics. 26 hours.

Course 8: Communicating Data Insights with Tableau -Developing Insights, Creating and Designing Dashboards, Crafting Stories from Insights, Certificate Wrap-up. 23 hours.

Who Is It for?

The Tableau Business Intelligence Analytics Professional Certificate is for beginners with no degree or prior experience required. It is for people who want to develop Fundamental Tableau skills for entry-level job roles like Business intelligence, Data Analysis, or Data reporting analyst roles.

Although no prior experience is required, some familiarity with Tableau Public will be helpful.

What Skills Will You Learn?

  • Learn essential skills to work in an entry-level job role as a Business Intelligence Analytics, Data Analyst, or other Business Intelligence roles
  • Learn how to manipulate data and prepare for data analysis by using Tableau.
  • Create data visualizations and dashboards that reveal patterns, and trends that can be used to draw actionable insights.
  • Tell a story with data that can help business management and stakeholders make insightful decisions.

How much does Tableau training cost?

Cost of the Tableau Business Intelligence Analyst Certificate

The cost of the Tableau Business Intelligence training is $39 per month on Coursera. ($49 per for US/Canada Residents) it is UK £47 per month. The total amount you pay for the training will depend on how long it takes you to complete it.

A 3-4 months training on Coursera will cost $117 -234, (or $147 -$294 US/Canada ), UK £141 – £282.

For the Tableau Software, you do not need to purchase a paid version, registering for the free version will suffice for the training

To access the Courses for free, you can use the Course Audit option on Coursera for as long as you want (See HOW TO GET FREE COURSES ON COURSERA) or apply for Financial aid if eligible. The Audit option, however, denies you a certificate upon completion but the knowledge and skills gained are free.

Time to complete the Tableau Business Intelligence certification?

You learn at your own pace. It is self-taught. Most people will complete the 8 courses in about 2-3 months. The total course content for the entire certification is about 165 hours of training materials.

Is Tableau Skill in Demand?

Tableau is one of the most valuable skills for analysts, especially for Business Analysts. According to global statistics (from Data Nerds) on data-related jobs, Tableau is ranked among the top skills for Business Intelligence Analysts and Data Analyst jobs. 

Other careers like Data Science also list Tableau as a much-required skill. It is the number 1 data visualization software employers look for. Tableau is certainly worth learning for the Data career job market

Salary of Tableau BI Analyst

The average salary of a Tableau BI analyst in the US is about $89,000 per year. or an hourly rate of about $52

The Tableau Certifications – Certificates vs Certificate of Completion

When you complete the 8 Courses series of the Tableau BI Analyst Professional certificates, you will be issued a “Certificate of Completion” from Tableau and an acknowledgment from Coursera. You can share this certificate on your online profile and Resume.

There are however other Industry-Recognized Certifications you can get from taking and passing a professional exam. These are not included in this course. You have to pay separately for these. They are much more credible and gain better recognition from employers.

The following are the Standard Certificates from Tableau; They all have a separate professional exam.

  1. Tableau Certified Data Analyst – the most popular
  2. Tableau Desktop Specialist
  3. Tableau Certified Data Analyst
  4. Tableau Server Certified Associate
  5. Tableau Certified Consultant
  6. Tableau Certified Architect

The Pros and Cons of the Certificate

The Pros

  1. The certification is very specific to Tableau. An excellent certificate for those really interested in learning Tableau and BI
  2. The pricing is fair and easily accessible to everyone, irrespective of your schedule
  3. The course is offered by Tableau – the maker of the Tableau software, which gives it credibility.

The Cons

  1. It does not teach other important data analysis tools like SQL, Python, Excel, etc.
  2. You get a certificate of completion rather than an actual certificate from taking a professional exam.
  3. It is inappropriate if you dislike using Tableau or if you just want to be a generic Data Analyst or Business Analyst. There are better courses for those.

Is Tableau Business Intelligence Analyst Professional Certificate Worth It?

The Certificate is worth enrolling in, you get to learn in-demand Tableau skills for Business Intelligence at a relatively cheap price. The course is from Tableau itself and certainly the best authority on the subject. The course and the certificate can help you land a job role where they need Tableau skills – Data Analyst, Business Intelligence Analysts, etc.

The downside of this certification is that it does not address other important skills of Data Analysts like Python, Excel, SQL, etc

You can register for the Certificate at – (Not an affiliate link)


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