Microsoft Cybersecurity Analyst Professional Certificate was released in June 2023 to address the shortage of skilled professionals in Cybersecurity. It has so far garnered a lot of attention from industry stakeholders and people who want to start a career in Cybersecurity. The blog post will review the certificate for its merits.

What is the certificate all about? Should you be taking it? What are the things you need to know? we will explore these as well as the following;

  • What it is?
  • Who is it for?
  • What is the duration?
  • What Skills Will You Gain?
  • What Job Can I Get With the skills gained?
  • Salary of a Microsoft Cybersecurity analyst
  • Is Microsoft Cyber security certification free?
  • How much is the Microsoft cybersecurity certification?
  • Should you put it on your resume?
  • Is it Worth It?

Microsoft Cybersecurity Analyst Professional Certificate On Coursera

This is a training program from Microsoft to prepare people for a Cybersecurity Analyst job role. The training is fully online and offered through Coursera. The goal is to deliver in-demand, job-ready cybersecurity skills to people new to the field. And explore some of the tools in the Microsoft domain.

Microsoft Cybersecurity Analyst professional certificate

The program consists of 9 courses, which are as follows;

  1. Course 1: Introduction to Computers and Operating Systems and Security – Introduction to Computers and Operating Systems, Enterprise Systems and Security, Business System Applications, Computers, Operating Systems and Security
  2. Course 2: Introduction to Networking and Cloud Computing – Computer Networking, Network devices and protocols, Network Security, Cloud Computing and Networking, Networking and Cloud Computing
  3. Course 3: Cybersecurity Threat Vectors and Mitigation – Threat and Attack, Cryptography, Network and device-based threats. Security, Compliance and Identity, Cybersecurity threat vectors and mitigation
  4. Course 4: Cybersecurity Identity and Access Solutions using Azure AD -Identity Services, Active Directory Authentication, Active Directory access, protection, and governance management
  5. Course 5: Cybersecurity Solutions and Microsoft Defender -Azure Basic security capabilities, Security management in Azure, Microsoft365 Defender threat protection, Graded assessment, and Course wrap-up
  6. Course 6: Cybersecurity Tools and Technologies -Penetration testing, Preventive tools, Azure Penetration testing, Final project and assessment: Cybersecurity tools and Technologies
  7. Course 7: Cybersecurity Management and Compliance -Security Administration, Compliance Solutions, Laws and Standards, Final project and Assessment. Cybersecurity management and compliance
  8. Course 8: Advanced Cybersecurity Concepts and Capstone Project – Threat Modeling, Advanced threats, and mitigation, security conscious modeling, capstone project
  9. Course 9: Microsoft SC-900 Exam Preparation and Practice – Concept of security, compliance, and Identity, the capabilities of Microsoft Azure Active Directory. Microsoft Security solutions, capabilities of Microsoft compliance solutions, Risk and Resources governance.

Who is it For?

The Microsoft Cybersecurity Analyst Professional Certificate is for beginners. Either those venturing into Cybersecurity as freshers, switching from other IT careers, or new to the Microsoft Azure ecosystem. No prior experience or degree is needed.

It is also useful for those who want to take the industry-standard,  SC-900: Microsoft Security Compliance and Identity Fundamentals Exam. A portion of the course is devoted to preparing for the exam.

What is the duration?

The Microsoft Cybersecurity Analyst Professional Certificate program duration estimate from Microsoft is 6 months. However, most people typically will complete it in about 2-4 months. The program is self-paced, and there are no deadlines for completing it.

What Skills Will You Gain?

The skills you will gain from completing the certificate program are useful skills for entry-level security roles, they include;

  • Cloud Computing security
  • Computer Incident Security Management
  • Penetration Testing
  • Network Security
  • Threat Mitigation.

What Jobs Can I Get with the Microsoft Cybersecurity Analyst Certificate?

Microsoft cybersecurity analyst professional

The cybersecurity skills you learn from completing this program prepare you for an entry-level role as a cybersecurity analyst. Other similar entry-level roles you can get include the following

  • Information security
  • Security compliance Officer
  • Identity and access management officer

The chances of getting a job with just this entry-level certification are rather challenging. This is not peculiar to the Microsoft Certificate. You will often need to have a good portfolio, resume, and excellent interpersonal skills. Your chances are better with additional training and experience.

Microsoft cybersecurity analyst professional certificate salary

The certification will help you get entry-level jobs, such as a Junior Cybersecurity Analyst or similar job roles. There is a huge demand for Cybersecurity jobs and the salaries are impressive even for entry-level roles.

The salary is about $97k per year. An Identity and Access Management role will earn about $90175 per year, and a security compliance officer will earn about $98k per year. , You can then transition to higher job roles with more experience.

Is Microsoft Cyber security certification free?

There are two types of certificates when it comes to Microsoft Cybersecurity.

  1. There is the “Certificate of Completion” which you get for free upon completing the Microsoft Cybersecurity Analyst Professional Certificate program on Coursera.
  2. You will get another Industry-Standard Certificate by taking and passing the SC-900: Microsoft Security Compliance and Identity Fundamentals Exam. This Certification costs $99 and has more recognition from employers.

It is optional to take this exam if you are taking the Microsoft Cybersecurity Analyst Professional Certificate.

How much is the Microsoft cybersecurity certification?

Microsoft Cybersecurity Analyst Professional Certificate is offered through a Coursera subscription. The monthly subscription is $39 (US/Canada $49, UK £47 per month). The total amount you will pay depends on how long you complete the courses. Estimate of $78 – $234 ((US/Canada $98 -294, UK £94 – £282) for a 2-6 months period.

Should I put Microsoft certification on your resume?

Most certainly, it can tell a prospective employer that you have undergone a training process and obtained skills needed for a job role. It gives you a competitive advantage

Is cyber security analyst certification worth it?

This certification is worth taking. First, Microsoft is a big brand and this certification introduces you to some of its security tools. The skill will be extremely valuable in an environment where there is heavy reliance on Microsoft Security tools.

Other reasons that make it worth it are as follows;

  1. Train you on the foundational knowledge and skills for a Cybersecurity Analyst
  2. Help you build your job portfolio, offer a resume review and interview prep to help you land a job in cybersecurity
  3. Access to a Private Job Board with hundreds of Companies scouting for Cybersecurity skills
  4. Help you pass the Microsoft Exam SC-900 for the Microsoft Certified: Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals
  5. You get a Certificate upon completion, you can share the certificate on Linkedin. Many employers actually contact people who do so.


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