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Is Information Technology a good career choice for you? We will explore some factors you may want to consider as regards a career in Information. So if you are considering a career change or you are in a dilemma on what to do next, some thoughts here may be helpful to you. This will be an overview of some of the unique features of jobs within the niche. See if they match your personal career goals. I personally enjoy a career in this industry and will share some thoughts with you. (Do consult your Career advisor for specific details). Whether you just starting out or you want to change your career, the following generally will apply to IT careers.

According to, 21 percent of Americans between 40-49 years considered changing their jobs since the Pandemic. A larger number of younger persons from the same studies do consider a career change, so you are not alone. Consider the following reasons why a career in IT may be a good career for you.

1. Demand For IT Jobs Is High

There is a relatively high demand for IT professionals globally. This probably should be the biggest factor one should consider when switching careers. You want a career where your prospects of getting a job are good.

According to Forbes; the 30 fastest-growing career for the next decade ranks IT jobs amongst them. This is because the field is ever-expanding. You will find ample opportunities to explore jobs that are in IT. Demand is on the increase across boards in IT.

Cybersecurity currently has over 3.5 million open positions as of 2021, Most businesses are being supported by Cloud Solutions such as those of Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. Artificial Intelligence AI will have about 97 million persons employed by 2025, expected to grow 13x by valuation in the next 8 years, Software, Dev/Ops, Data Analytics, the list is endless.

2. The Salary for IT Professionals Is Very Attractive

IT jobs are generally well-priced globally, Although this may vary widely depending on the location and several other factors, While it may be difficult to make a direct comparison with other jobs, many IT career salaries are significantly higher than what is obtainable with other professions with similar years of input.

The average entry-level (0-1 year) salary for an Information Technology job in the US is about $57k/yr. (According to, compared to

  • Construction, Maintenance, and Repair Services $45k/yr.
  • Education $45k/yr.
  • Healthcare $46k/yr.
  • Legal $44k/yr.
  • Art and Entertainment 48k/yr.
  • Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology $56k/yr.
  • Insurance 48k/yr.

3. No Stiff Requirement For A University/College Degree

University or College Degrees in IT-related courses are good but they are not essential to get a job in IT. There is more emphasis on “hands-on” experience. You can take advantage of a lot of free resources that can help you gain such experience. The cost of your training or re-training for many IT jobs is nowhere near what you will pay for a typical 3-4 years university degree.

However, many job roles will require some professional IT certifications. Again, the cost associated with these is not as heavy as starting from scratch with a University degree. You do not need a loan in most cases to get good IT training. The Amazon Cloud Practitioner, Associate level certification is $100 and $150 respectively, Google Clouds is $99, and similar prices for Microsoft Azure. Cisco CCNA is $300 (the more expensive class). There are lots of free courses online to help you get these certifications. (Check out the free Google online Course for 2023Cisco CCNA 200-301). You do not need to necessarily go back to school to get into IT (although it is nice if you have the time and resources).

4. Fast Career Transition – Leverage On Previous Experience

As mentioned above, there is no strict requirement for a University or College degree to get a job in IT. That removes the cost and the lengthy time you could spend learning. Typical, IT training or certification can take just a few weeks to a few months to complete.

You can also leverage your previous skills and experience. Not everything has to be technical. A Lawyer can find useful his previous skills applicable in Governance and Policies- an aspect of Cybersecurity. The same is true for a storekeeper in cybersecurity roles.

It can take as little as 6 months for someone with zero experience to become a junior Cloud Engineer (with the right training regiments) with an average salary of $109k/yr. or a Cisco Certified Network Administrator in just 3 months.

5. It Is More Than Just The Money – Job Satisfaction

The lack of job satisfaction is a major driving factor in why many people will want to leave their jobs or switch careers. That sounds reasonable since we spend a large chunk of our lives on the job. You certainly want to be doing what brings you much satisfaction.

According to a survey by Forbes, 72 percent of IT professionals are satisfied with their jobs, and they feel appreciated for their jobs. If you are someone who prioritizes such things, IT would likely be a good field for you- it is more than just the money.

89 percent of the respondents also claim to have learned new skills. There is always something new to learn in IT, and new challenges to master – That certainly will add flavor to the job.

6. You Can Keep Your Job While You Explore IT

When you are making a career change to Information Technology, things can be very flexible. Firstly, there is no need to quit your job as your training can be self-taught or done remotely online. You do not necessarily need a degree to get into IT. That means you will also skip all the associated costs of getting one.

Secondly, since you can explore the field without so much pressure for time, you are better able to explore the best options that suit your personality. No pressures. This will help you manage your budget better as you are planning to switch careers.

7. IT Jobs Come In Different Flavors- You Have A Lot Of Options

The IT industry is very wide and there are lots of niches within the space you can choose from. This makes it suitable even for people without technical to gain entry. IT employment cuts across all other industries – from sales to education to health, to finance. You will find something that suits your professional interests.

It is relatively easy to switch between different micro niches within the Industry. It usually takes less training once you are in the industry. There are always a lot of options to explore when a particular niche becomes unattractive to you.

8. You Can Work Remotely

If you are someone who enjoys working remotely, no better place to pitch your tenth than in Information Technology. There are ample opportunities to work from your home when you are in IT, sometimes, even across national boundaries.


Is Information technology a good career choice, here are the advantages the industry offers; High demand, high salary, job satisfaction, fast career transition time, you can work remotely in many instances and there are no strict requirements for a college or university degree, Find what works for you and pursue a career that suits your interests and pays your bills. Information Technology is still growing and does have a lot to offer.

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