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I earlier did a review of the BOSON ExSim Exam Preparation for the CCNA 200-301. The link to the review is available here. And did mention that the BOSON Exam practice questions greatly benefit my passing the CCNA. In this article, I am writing to tell you some of the tips that can help you get the best out of the BOSON package and pass your exam with less hassle. Again, there are no financial incentives for this, just trying to share my experience with you. Hopefully, you will find it useful.

As mentioned in the BOSON ExSIM review, the Practice exam questions come in two modes –

  • The Study Mode
  • The Simulation Mode.

The study mode, well as the name suggests, is to help you study for the CCNA. The Simulation Mode is for you to get a feel for what the real CCNA exam is like. You will have to contend with time management and grapple with your own emotions.

A point to note, you should use the Exam Preparation Questions in tandem with other material. It is also preferable, that you have done considerable studies of the CCNA exam topics. The Exam Questions are to help you pass, it is not a substitute for actual studies.


1. Start With A Simulation Exam

There are at least 3 Exams in the BOSON Exam Questions -Exam A, B, and C. Start with the first and see how well you did in the exam. The pass mark is 825 for the BOSON questions and 820 for the real Cisco CCNA exam. This first score will give you an idea of what you need to learn, and if need be, adjust your study pattern. Do not let poor scores at your initial attempts discourage you, it is normal if you are just starting out. I did score low myself on the first BOSON trial.- it is the perfect learning experience you need to pass the CCNA.

2. Review All Your Answers In The Study Mode

Do not start another Exam until you have gone through all the questions in the first exam you took. Irrespective of your scores, go through all the questions and answers in study mode. It is very important you review the answers to all the questions – including those you passed. Read through all the footnotes provided by BOSON. You will gain much more insight by doing so.

3. Review All The References Provided

BOSON Exam Questions don’t just give you their own explanations, they give you a relevant reference to a resource that will help you understand various concepts in depth. You will find a lot of links to the Official Cisco documentation or other external sources. Make sure you explore this option. This is also an excellent way to clear doubts and you will likely stumble on other information you will not easily find in most CCNA course works.

4. Retake The Exams To Aid Retention

The CCNA is a broad exam and it is not unusual to forget things quickly. Retake the exams to improve your retention, and go back to specific questions if you find yourself still failing them. Probably you have not paid enough attention to them. A retake serves as a way of testing if you have assimilated the concepts.

5. Repeat The Process Above For Each Exam A, B, And C

Repeat the process above for each of the exams. BOSON kind of tweaks similar questions differently for each of the exams. This helps you get a different approach to similar concepts and better prepare you for the Cisco exam.

6. Study Based on Different Sections Of The CCNA Blueprint

There is a breakdown of the scores you get in each section of the CCNA Exam topics – Network Fundamentals, Network Access, IP Connectivity, IP Services, Security Fundamentals, Automation, and Programmability. Adjust the Boson setting to only serve questions from any of the sections you are currently performing poorly.

When To Take The CCNA Exam

You are in a good position to take the CCNA Exam if you consistently score well above the 850 Mark in the BOSON ExSim Exam Practice Guide. At least have that level of preparedness before you can take the exam. Ultimately the decision lies fully with you and you will at some point have to go for it.

Do not Despair

Do not get discouraged if you are currently getting stellar performance in the BOSON, just keep practicing, updating your knowledge, and working on your weaknesses. Ensure you complete the course content of the CCNA. Below is a screenshot of my personal progression on using the Exam questions.

Boson Exam Question Practice Scores

And My scores after more studies

Boson Exam Question Practice Scores

And of course, I aced the CCNA exam.



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