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The AWS Solution Architect course is an ideal course for beginners who want to pursue a career in Cloud architecture. A Cloud architect is someone who designs and presents a technological solution to a business or an organization. The AWS solution architect course is one of the best ways to help you kickstart this career. This blog will help you with a complete course collection that is absolutely free and perhaps helps you pass the exam. It is one of the most versatile courses to help kickstart your journey into cloud architecture.

AWS (Amazon Web Services) offers certification for Cloud Architecture at both the Associate and Professional level. This course focuses on the Associate level, which is suitable especially if you are just starting out in your career. There are several Cloud architect certifications but AWS does offer some advantages in terms of popularity and the structured approach to learning the skill.

Why Take The AWS Solution Architect Associate Course

The AWS is an industry-standard certification that is widely accepted by many HR managers for many Cloud-related beginner jobs roles. It can thus serve as a gateway to gaining foundational knowledge that will help you pursue a career in the Cloud. It is an excellent course to begin your cloud architecture career. The AWS Solution Architect course can help you get a job as a junior Solution architect or in related fields.

AWS is the largest Cloud Platform, and taking the AWS Solution Architect course broadens the opportunities available to you within Cloud infrastructure in general. Some of the highlighted benefits the course offers are as follows;

1. High Demand

There is a high in-demand certification for job roles such as Cloud Solution Architect, Cloud Infrastructure Architect, Technical Account Manager, Cloud Security Architect, etc.

2. Impressive Salaries

The average salary for a cloud architect in the US ranges from 115,000 – 187,000/yr according to Glassdoor 2023, This is more than the average entry for most jobs. Other similar job roles that demand AWS solution Associate Certification have similar salary ranges.

3. Opportunity for Growth

The Solution Architect Associate course is a starting point for many such roles. There are several opportunities you can explore with the certification. There is the Professional certification for which the Associate course does lay the foundation. Also, the knowledge and skills provided by the course are transferable to other Cloud Service Platforms such as Google Clouds and Microsoft Azure.

Global Recognition

The certification for the course is globally recognized and a favorite among many Human Resource Managers. AWS is the largest Cloud Service Provider network and that does confer much “weight” on their certification.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect COURSE

This material is a collection of three parts :

1. AWS Solution Architect Course eBook

This is a free download ebook by Michael Gibbs. You will find in it all the topics in the AWS Solution Architect Study Guide. You can download a copy of the ebook at the link below.

You will need to sign up for the Course with your email and you can download a PDF version of the course after you have verified your account.

Be aware that there are paid mentorship programs offered by GocloudArchitect but the study resources are free.

2. AWS Lab Demos for Practical Experience

In addition to the free AWS Solution Architect ebook, you also have access to some free lab demos and exam questions simulations to help you get certified. You will find it all in the link above.

3. A 10hrs+ Youtube video

This is a separate YouTube video by the same Author – Michael Gibbs. It is independent of the ebook but it is great if you can combine both to enhance your understanding of the concepts taught in the course. There are also weekly seminars where he discusses live what it takes to be a cloud Architect.


The free AWS Solution Architect course above is an excellent tool to help you prepare for the AWS Certification exam and gain useful technical knowledge. Demand is high, and is useful for a variety of Cloud-related careers such as Cloud Infrastructure Architects, Cloud Solution Architects, Technical Account Managers, etc. It is also useful for gaining foundational knowledge about Cloud Infrastructure.

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